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Liverpool F.c This Season

To the Reds, this is a particularly exciting season given the fact that they are participating in some major leagues. These includes the prestigious UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, FA Cup as well as the Football League. As it the norm, the season will run from the first of July 2015 to the 30th of June 2016 and there are great expectations from the stakeholders in the club as well as the strong fan base that follow the teams progress from all over the globe. Though things are not as per the expectations as per the moment, the team looks strong, and thus events are expected to change soon.

Seasons Performance

The performance of the team in the friendly pre-season games in the months of July and August matches saw the team have major success when they won five out of six games and got a draw of 1-1 in one of the games that were against Malaysia XI in Kuala Lumpur. However, when it comes to the major source of attraction for the season that is the English Premier League, the performance is not that appealing with the club having lost two games and achieved a draw in two of the six matches it has played. The performance, therefore, places the team in position 13 that is not that great and a goal difference of negative 3. When it comes to the to the Champions League, the club has played only a single game, and it has emerged as a draw of 1-1 against Bordeaux and this is considered a major achievement given the fact that the team was away. The performance is an indicator that there is a great deal of expectations from the teams this seasons which explains why Liverpool tickets for sale are selling out for almost every home game.

New Signings and top stars

As it is expected with any major team, there has been some transfers both in and out. Of notable interest is the transfer of the long-serving captain Steven Gerald to the LA Galaxy of the US. Also, the transfer that earned the team the most amount of cash is from Raheem Sterling to Manchester City at a fee of 35.2 million pounds.

For the in transfers, Christian Benteke from Aston Villa was the most valued transfer for the season to the club at a whopping 32.5 million pounds followed by a Brazilian Roberto Fermino from a German club 1899 Hoffenheim at a fee of 21.3 million pounds. The transfer of Benteke seems to be paying off as he has already scored two EPL goals. Other goals so far are single goals from Philippe Coutinho, Adam Lallana and Danny Ings.


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